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Teacher and Pupil

First Words

For preschool children (0 - JK), your first step to improving speech and language skills.


Publicly funded speech and language services, tons of great resources. Get on their waiting list as soon as any concern arises.

Transition to school based services is seamless if you've been in touch with First Words before JK.

Reading a Book


The regulatory college for SLPs in the province of Ontario. Protects the public's interests by ensuring these professionals are qualified and practicing to a high standard of care. 

Want to confirm if an SLP is registered to work in Ontario?

Check the public register!

Wireless Computer Accessories


A professional association in Ontario providing resources, support and a voice for the profession, especially to increase awareness to the public.

As of April 1st 2022 OSLA has merged with SAC (see below). The group now works as a dedicated branch continuing to support and advocate for the professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology in Ontario.

On the Phone


A national organization that supports and advocates for the professions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, providing resources and a clinical certification (identified by the (C) in some SLP's titles)

Stay tuned 

Check back soon, more resources are coming

Home Practice Tip Sheets

Emerging Language

For late talkers or those who are just starting! Will also give your future-talker the best chance for success


For helping speech clarity, pronunciation, articulation of sounds







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